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We hope to welcome you soon! Visit us at Silver Treasures At Lane in Jacksonville, Florida.

Who We Are

Silver Treasures at Lane is a new, family-owned small franchise of Silver Treasures Senior Living Center LLC at Lane Avenue, South Jacksonville, Florida, which is both a supportive independent living community and an assisted living facility with accommodations for active seniors or older adults who need our help with activities of daily living and medications.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission. The mission of Silver Treasures at Lane is based on servanthood which recognizes innate individual value. We aim to provide high standards of service and to serve holistically, where care folds around your loved one’s whole: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are committed to develop an interconnected & caring environment between the resident, family, and care staff.

Vision. Our vision is to start a small community of the elderly who will together experience a culture of care that embodies love, trust, interdependence, respect, and responsibility.

Why Choose Us

caregiver and elderly coupleOur mission & vision are what make Silver Treasures at Lane unique. While we stay small, we strive to give care out of love. We encourage our residents to stay in-contact with loved ones, as they continue to live as independently as possible.

Please give us a call at 904-990-6001 for questions you may have. Schedule a visit to learn more about this new senior independent & assisted living home. We encourage you to freely look around nearby facilities to compare and really determine what is best for your loved one.